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Carol Burke, RPA and her trained and experienced Property Management Team specialize in the management of Condominium Projects, Apartment Complexes, Single and Multi Family Homes and Commercial Properties. We service St. John's and the greater Avalon area.

Burke Realty protects and maximizes the value of your investment.


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Carol Burke, RPA
President - Local Chapter of
Canadian Condominium Institute
Member - CCI National Council

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How Do I Make My Condo Great

Living in a condo can be great! Vic Persaud, the Chair of CCI Toronto’s Membership Committee, which administers the Condo of the Year program, shares some tips and best practices on how to make the most of your experience in a condominium community.

Reserve Funds

A reserve fund is a condo’s piggy bank but does not exist for use on any given “rainy day”. There are restrictions surrounding the type of expenses a reserve fund can be used for, along with best practices to keep in mind to make sure that yours is adequately funded.

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Homeowner Resources

Make Small Spaces Seem Big

Wishing you had more square footage? Here are ideas to maximize the space you have. 1. Let furniture float. Move furniture in from the edge of the room, leaving at least 36 inches of space so people can pass comfortably, and angle the … [read more]

Refresh Your Carpet

Is it time to make your carpet more inviting? 1. Remove furniture dents. Run a key or coin over the indentation. The carpet should fluff up again. 2. Shedding Pets? Spread carpet lightly with a mixture of 1 part fabric softener to 3 … [read more]

Pasta Personality

Pasta is the comfort food with so many personalities. It makes perfect sense that the pasta you prefer can shed light on your personality. If you prefer… Baked Ziti: You are creative. An adaptable dish, it appeals to creative types who … [read more]

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